Some examples of performance videos

Often shot in live music venues, these videos capture live performances. The audio was recorded multi-track and mixed and mastered by Dave Poulin.

The ANNEX – studioNINE’s live performance venue

During this time of Covid precautions, most musicians have taken their shows on line.

studioNINE provides a live performance space equipped with 4 – 4K cameras, lighting and 16 track audio recording. Check it out HERE!

The studioNINE ANNEX is used regularly to stream shows for the Music Performance Trust Fund. Here's a look back through photos from the performances which began in September 2020. Click on the photos to enlarge them and see who was here.

It’s no secret,

people will listen longer, pay more attention, and get more out of a song, if there’s a video to watch while they listen.

studioNINE produces engaging, sometimes wacky, yet always enjoyable videos. Respectful of your modest budget, studioNINE will produce a music video that will get more people listening to your music. Let’s have fun and make a video!

The videos on this page are a small sample of the videos produced over the years by studioNINE . In addition to story-based music videos, we do live performance music videos and informational corporate videos,

Some examples of our music videos

Often shot on location, music videos are a great way to tell stories. Or not.

Talk to us about your next video project.